Bagel Equipment Machines and Systems

Bagel Equipment and Machines for Semi-Automatic Production

Cooker Loader:

  • This machine takes bagel from boards and automatically deposit it on bagel cooker.
  • Empty boards are taken back to Make-up by indexing conveyor.


Staggering Conveyor:

  • This machine rearrange rows of bagels in order to
    get more space between bagels and avoiding baking
    bagels together touching or kissing.
    This machine is installed between cooker loader and cooker.


Bagel Cooker:

  • This machine takes bagel trough boiling water for 30 seconds to one minute.
  • In this process some amount of corn meal flour will be released in the tank.
  • Filter system constantly cleaning water in the tank.
  • Combustion supplied by immersion burner or live steam.
  • At exit from cooker washing nozzles will wash bagels and make it shine.


Bagel Seeder:

  • Capacity: Conveyor from 1 Ft. to 13 Ft wide.
  • Seeds depositor is designed for: Poppies, sesame, sun flower seeds, pumpkin seeds, multi-grain, oat mill & mix of seeds.
  • This machine will deposit seeds on top of the bagels or on the bottom of the bagels or on the top and the bottom.
  • Amount of seeds adjustable.
  • Excess seeds are collected by recycling conveyor and deposited in container for recycling.


Bagel Dryer:

  • Dryer takes off water drops from bagels after boiling.
  • It dries bottom skin to avoid sticking to the oven conveyor.
  • It increases temperature in the bagel and speed up baking.
  • Dryer works as a final Proofer to get bagel developed before gets into the oven and avoid cracks in the hole of the bagel.


Tunnel Oven:

  • For bagels we make tunnel as shown on the first page on our website.
  • Conveyor size from 3 Ft. to 13 Ft. wide.
  • Conveyor has heavy duty chain with plates.
  • Backing chamber 10 Ft. to 120 Ft. long.
  • With 4 (four) baking zones.
  • Conveyor has constant cleaning with steel brush.
  • Turbulence system.