Tunnel Oven Direct Fire | Indirect Fire Impingement | Infra-red

Baking System:Our Standard Oven Designs offer best quality of bake for each product and or group of products. Diamond ovens are adjustable and come with multiple baking zones. Number of zones is suited to type of product and size of oven.


BTU | Energy Systems:

  • Direct fire
  • Indirect fire
  • Infra-red
  • Impingement


Combination / Hybrid Ovens:

Industrial Tunnel Ovens typically have a minimum of 2 zones. This allows the baker to adjust the temperature in each zone.

For example; the 1st-zone of the oven may have a higher temperature then the 2nd half allowing more control over development and rise.


Zones Serve Specific Purposes:

  • Steam Zone.
  • Turbulence | Impingement zone.
  • Radiant – infra red zone – for blast of high temperature penetrating bake.
  • Some products show great results when combinations that requires additional zones, for example a “Steam Zone”  ”direct fire and indirect fire combinations.

Hybrid ovens can be outfitted with Infra-red radiant heat to provide additional coloring and penetrating high-temp ideal for flat products.


Power / Energy / Combustion
230/460/600  | 500K BTU up to 10 million BTU | Natural Gas, Oil or Electric.


Baking Conveyor Types:

  • Mesh belt with automatic tracking control.
  • Steel plate size  Thickness 1/8”, 1/4”  & 3/8”. Width 2”, 4”, 6” and 9”
  • Tray conveyor with attached stone plates.
  •  Automatic brush for conveyor cleaning.


Size of Baking Chamber:

  • Width 2 Ft. to 13 Ft.
  • Length 6 Ft. to 120 Ft.



Oven loaders:

  • Loader for Pans – Paddle transfer.
  • Loaders – Grabbler transfer type for  automatic gentle lifting of dough and deposit directly on baking conveyor.


Oven Unloaders:

  • Mesh and roller type with table top conveyor.
  • We recommend Peel of cable where bread sticks to oven conveyor.  we have rotating peel-off cable to separate bread from conveyor for flat bread we have peel-off cable with Teflon brush to transfer bread from oven to cooling conveyor.