Used Tunnel Oven Relocating | Rebuilding | Upgrading

Used Tunnel Oven
We have access to used tunnel ovens from all over the world. Since we are manufacturer we have experience in dis-assembly and properly crate for shipping. We load deliver to new location and begin assembly. In the process of relocating we are able to locate worn parts and replace or refurbish as required. Making necessary repairs and upgrading used oven and implementing  latest standards and technology. Locating the right used oven for your expansion can save on capital expense.


Dis-assembly to re-installation:

  • Add new insulation where required.
  • Add/inspect belt tracking,
  • Improve Drive System.
  • Upgrade gear motors.
  • Replace bearings.
  • Inspect and upgrade combustion as needed.
  • Proved new exterior sheet-metal as needed  …etc


Upgrade | Add Automation to:

  • On request we add automatic loading and unloading devices.
  • Upgrading or adding steam distribution zone
  • Upgrading or adding turbulence Zone
  • Upgrade or add increased combination with more burners/BTU – direct fire or indirect fire.
  • Upgrade or add with infra-red baking system.


Modified Tunnel Oven:

  • Adding turbulence we improve color and make shorter baking time.
  • In some cases we change type of conveyor and upgrade drive system.
  • For special products we modify baking system or make combination of systems providing hybrid solution on used oven